Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real.”

Building a structurally sound building in two days is no longer something that can only be done with Lego. Canadian manufacturer Nuform Building Technologies Inc. (Nuform) has a patented concrete wall forming system, “CONFORM ®,” that allows a house to be built within just 48 hours, enabling the construction of three to four houses per week, rather than the several weeks that traditional building systems require. The system has higher-grade polymer wall components, which slide together to interconnect like Lego pieces.

Nuform was established as “Royal Building Systems” in 1994, and became independent in 2007. Based in Woodbridge, Ontario, its products have been used for over 10 million square feet of industrial and commercial buildings in the Greater Toronto Area. Nuform has become the world’s leading manufacturer of stay-in-place polyvinyl chloride (PVC) concrete forming systems, and grown to comprise 60 employees.

Emmanuel Paul, Vice President of Nuform, explains, “Our products have been used in a variety of different applications, including vehicle wash facilities, agricultural buildings, industrial and commercial buildings, and social housing around the world.”

As reported in publications Cleantech Canada and Canadian Manufacturing, homes built using CONFORM withstood Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in late 2013. Typhoon Haiyan cut through the central Philippines and was one of the worst tropical cyclones on record. Nearly 13 million people were affected and 1.9 million people were left homeless. Philippine officials reached out to Nuform, and the company has been supplying CONFORM to rebuild the affected areas over the past two years.

While many of its competitors have manufacturing plants in China, Nuform’s single manufacturing plant has been in Woodbridge for 23 years. Paul is clear about the reason for this location: “Woodbridge is the ‘Silicon Valley’ of plastic extrusion. Resin suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and a strong talent pool in extrusion operators and mechanics, tool and die makers, and CNC punching machinists are all located within a 10-kilometre radius. Our manufacturing presence in Woodbridge over many years is largely because of this reason.”


Whether the walls are to be used for a residential home in the Philippines, or a vehicle wash facility in Canada, Nuform’s product must be of consistently impeccable quality. Skilled employees with over 20 years of experience in plastic extrusion make this goal possible.

Nuform also attributes some of its manufacturing success in Canada to government support. The Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters’ (CME) SMART program, the provincial Export Market Access (EMA) program, and the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Incentive Program have all helped the company. Paul reports in Export Wise, “We wouldn’t be able to export to over 16 countries outside North America without structures in place with Export Development Canada (EDC).”

Looking to the future, Paul says, “If Nuform can replicate our current success . . . there’s no reason why we can’t keep growing in new global markets.” As efficiency, quality, and cost become key requirements for the building market, Nuform’s high-quality, low-cost building solution is bound to have tremendous success. The company has laid a solid foundation, and will continue to provide communities around the world with its own brand of structural strength and dependability.

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Published on March 24, 2016

Company Profile

Company Description


Nuform Building Technologies Inc. specializes in a line of building systems. Product applications include vehicle wash, agriculture, warehouse/industrial, noise barriers, military, education, automotive, and residential buildings. Nuform provides services of estimating, design, technical assistance, transportation and logistics, and onsite field training. Nuform is North America’s leading manufacturer of finished concrete forming systems.

Key Facts

Headquarters: 100 Galcat Dr., Unit #2 Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L 0B9


  • Daniel Tiberini, President & CEO
  • Emmanuel Paul, Vice-President

Year established: 1994, became independent in 2007

Number of employees: 60-95

Revenues: $8M USD

Line of business

NAICS: 32521 – Resin and synthetic rubber manufacturing

NAICS: 26199 – All other plastics product manufacturing


Conform – patented concrete wall forming system used for buildings used for vehicle-washes, agriculture, industrial/commercial, retail and food, retaining walls, noise barriers, garbage enclosures, vacuum islands, and housing in extreme climates

Reline – wall and ceiling paneling system used for agricultural, vehicle wash and commercial buildings

Renu – reversible paneling system for retrofit and new construction for high wear-and-tear applications

Revive – cleanser for Conform walls, Reline and Renu panels.



  • Residential, military, agricultural, commercial and industrial construction and renovation industries
  • Social housing market
  • Global clientele includes companies such as ExxonMobil, Walmart, Lexus, Esso, Valero Energy Corp., BMW, Hydro One, Toyota, Telus, Sunoco, Chevron, Canadian Tire, Sam’s Club, Volkswagen, Shell and Texaco.
  • Dec 2014 – Cedar Ridge Dairy in Utah


  • Export to Philippines and Nigeria, second largest market – has led to a boost in export sales from 28 to 64 percent (see note below)
  • Attend trade shows mainly in car wash, agricultural and architectural industries in US


R&D, Skills and Educational needs

Nuform has a patented concrete forming technology (CFT) for conform product line.


Nuform started as a division of the Royal Plastics Group and separated becoming Nuform Building Technologies Inc. in 2007.

In 2013 they finished a new 125,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Competitive Environment


Nuform is North America’s leading manufacturer of finished concrete forming systems and is building a strong reputation internationally.

  • Nudura Corporation
  • Octaform
  • ACH Foam Technologies
  • Amvic
  • Fox Blocks


    • Strong relationship with Canadian Plastics Sector Council (CPSC) – Nuform received the Employer of Choice (EOC) designation
    • Philippine government – Nuform supplying products to construct homes and buildings in rebuild after 2012 earthquake
    • Export Development Canada (EDC) Commercial Markets division –helped Nuform to succeed abroad by providing structures such as backstopping Letter of Credits (LCs) and exporters insurance

SWOT Analysis


      • Established niche in countries prone to natural disasters by being a provider of quality, affordable and sustainable building materials
      • Strong relationship with EDC that has enabled them to take advantage of export opportunities
      • High quality and affordable


      • Export opportunities for affordable housing and infrastructure programs by governments in areas exposed to extreme climates


Recent Developments

2012, building reputation in areas prone to natural disasters


  • 2012, Recycled Plastic Products Award from the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA)
  • 2014, Ontario Export Awards finalist ­for the Clean Technology Award


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