Trans-Pacific Partnership deal finalized

05. Oct. 2015 News & Commentary   0 comments

The deal needs to be ratified in the 12 partner states’ national parliaments. Check back often for updates on this breaking story Twelve countries, including Canada, have agreed to create the world’s largest regional trade zone. After five days of marathon, around-the-clock negotiations, a deal has been reached to create the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would …

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Canadian manufacturers need clear strategy to compete in global market

17. Sep. 2015 News & Commentary   0 comments

Canada is in (technical) recession again, and not just because of the crash in oil prices. In fact, part of Canada’s broader, slow-growth problem comes from weakness in the manufacturing sector. Compared with 2000, manufacturing output is down 11 per cent. Employment in manufacturing has declined almost 24 per cent. But is Canadian manufacturing down …

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Time for the campaign to get serious on economic policy

08. Sep. 2015 News & Commentary   0 comments

If there’s one notion about Stephen Harper’s economic policy that’s taken firm hold as conventional wisdom, it’s that he’s been monomaniacal about oil. His rivals play off it on the campaign trail, with the NDP’s Thomas Mulcair bemoaning billions in subsidies to the fossil fuel sector and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau saying Harper “bet everything …

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Ontario Partners with Toyota to Support Innovation and Growth

31. Jul. 2015 News & Commentary   0 comments

Ontario is partnering with Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. to invest in innovative new technology and secure the long-term future of the company’s Cambridge and Woodstock assembly plants.

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