Booming Southwestern Ontario Firm Hiring 140 New Workers

PHOTO: Starlim North America
PHOTO: Starlim North America

A London company originally known for making auto parts is tapping into the growing health care industry, with sales so good it’s on a hiring and expansion spree.

Starlim North America Corp., on Tartan Drive, is more than doubling in size and adding 140 workers as sales of its silicone products, used in health care and the auto industry, take off.

“The market opportunity for both automotive and health care has been really good to us,” said Vijay Lakshmikanthan, vice-president of Starlim.

Its North American head office in London, Starlim is busy exporting throughout Canada, the United States and Europe, Lakshmikanthan said.

Now in a 70,000-sq.-ft plant, Starlim is adding a 165,000-sq.-ft. addition that will house new offices, floor space for 75 new machines (it now has 50), and a state-of the-art “clean room” for that high-tech, health care work.


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