Attracting Global Mandates

Future of Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian manufacturing is at a crossroads. Faced with sustained foreign competition, we confront a stark question: How to build prosperous firms in a hyper-competitive global economy? The Lawrence Centre is involved in a three part research project to examine strategies to help Canadian companies to compete.

Attracting Global Mandates

The Lawrence Centre’s Phase II research, Future of Canadian Manufacturing: Attracting Global Mandates relies on Ivey’s well-known case study methodology. Structured interviews were conducted with senior leaders of international firms in Canada and abroad to understand the strategies of Canadian subsidiaries of global firms who have successfully won global production or R&D mandates in Canada as well as the decision making processes of foreign firms considering greenfield investments. A conference was held on November 10, 2015 with over forty industry and government leaders as well as academic experts, to share their knowledge and insights and inform a set of recommendations for business and government action to attract more manufacturing investment to Canada. The project has been supported by a group of partners including CCCE, CIBC, IBM, Industry Canada and MEDEI. Project partners advised on firm selection and helped make connections with candidate firms.

Download your copy of the Lawrence Centre’s Phase II research on our Publications page.

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