Trillium is proud to announce the launch of TrilliumGIS our manufacturing geo-mapping program.

In order to make an investment in a manufacturing business, you need to identify potential locations and understand the locations’ proximity to suppliers, customers, and the infrastructure that will connect you to these sources. Trillium GIS allows you to scan a map of the province and find all the information you need to make an informed investment decision. The application identifies the region you are looking at as well as the number of business, colleges and universities in the region. The search function allows you to look up firms by business type, product, or firm name. You can also find all sites certified by the Ontario Government as investment ready.

Your investment decision is also dependent on available labour supply and potential partnerships with educational institutions. Trillium GIS allows you to search educational institutions by program, research focus, or institution name. The interactive map can be viewed in three different options to highlight cities and towns, railways and airports, or rail lines. All of your search information is summarized in a detailed report.

Trillium GIS is a powerful tool to identify information needed for investment in Ontario, using data and technology to empower you as a decision maker. Go to our website or follow us on social media for more information on Trillium GIS and how your organization can use this tool to increase its understanding of Ontario’s manufacturing landscape.

Trillium encourages all prospective users to test the tool today at We would appreciate any comments you have so that future upgrades can make this an increasingly valuable tool to grow our manufacturing sector.  Please direct all comments about the TrilliumGIS tool to To stay updated with TrilliumGIS, keep an eye on our website and follow us on Twitter at @TrilliumMfg.

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