4 myths about manufacturing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

“Like all good industry trends, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) for manufacturing has come to mean many things. While most would agree that it involves the incorporation and interconnectivity of new technologies across production systems, questions remain around the business case to actually implement these solutions.

In a recent survey, manufacturing leaders cite “high cost of scaling” and “hard to justify business case without short-term impact” as top reasons preventing the full adoption of 4IR technologies across the enterprise.

But are these roadblocks well-founded given the advances in the 4IR? Innovations in manufacturing are far more accessible than many leaders realize.

As the futuristic possibilities of the 4IR are discussed, a number of myths have also emerged that are holding back the transformative potential of this new era in production.

Below are four of the most significant myths. Dispelling them has the potential to accelerate the adoption and integration of 4IR solutions and unlock its inherent benefits for production industries for every region of the world.”

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